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Artist, Photographer, Musician, Songwriter....Michael Todd Morrison

My works have been shown throughout the United States, US Virgin Islands, Italy, and South America. For the fourth year, Michael's works have been shown for five years in a row at the USDA Gallery, located at 1400 Independence Ave SW, Washington, D.C.   

I work mostly in acrylic on canvas, gesso board, and other surfaces. I love to think outside the box, and determined to find new ways to expand my Utopia of art into many medias and directions. My focus is on landscapes and abstracts. I use bright colors in my painting to create a bold statement. You can see my lifetime of traveling experiences all over the world displayed prominently in my art.  I also have been taking award winning photography for over 50 years. Influences in my art: Ivana, Todd Rundgren, Bruce Springsteen, The Beatles, Rush, Larry W. King, Winston Churchill, Dale Carnegie, and the rest of my family. Painting artists include Jackson Pollock, Salvador Dali, Pino, Andriana Galoppi, and Corrado Cascioli (Italy).  

Originally from Texas and currently living in the Raleigh area.  My passions are the arts, sustainability, the environment, horticulture, and foundations that move my spirit and yours to give.  My paintings reflect my passion and intensity for life; and my imagination moves this to the canvas. I treat my love and true friends as I do my works of art; I place them in their best light! Shine on!  -Michael Todd Morrison


First Place 5th Annual Arts and Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 2017

Honorable Mention -Johnston County Art & Food Festival 2017

First Place 4th Annual Arts and Agriculture, Washington, D.C.  2015

First Place 3rd Annual Arts and Agriculture, Washington, D.C.  2014

First Place 2nd Annual Arts and Agriculture, Washington, D.C. 2013

2014 Clayton Visual Arts Faire, Judge's Choice Award

2015 City of Raleigh Arts Commission, Art On The Move,  Winner as Michael's work was shown in 100 buses from April through October, Raleigh, NC.

2015 Clayton Visual Arts Faire, Purchase Award Winner.

2016 ArtPrize Venue, Harmony Hall, Rapid City, Michigan

2016 Art Basel Show, Miami, Florida - Arttour

2017 30 works of art in USDA Gallery, Washington, D.C.

and manyother shows......

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