Tile Collection

Michael donated this collection in memory his mother, Patricia Morrison,

a LVN and Registered Nurse of 36 years, who helped and thought of others her entire life....

and on behalf of Dr. Tolnitch.  These ceiling tiles were donated to the Duke Raleigh Cancer Center in Raleigh,

NC where they are displayed to provide comfort and peace to patients during their care journey.

Call (260) 758-0278 if you would like to have an embellished giclee of one of this fabulous creations.

Click on the image to see at FULL size.



The Tree of Love.jpg The Tree of Love Hearts of Color.jpg A Loving Heart of Blue Loving Hands.jpg Loving Hands
Fight the Bad Days to Enjoy the Best Days.jpg Fight the Bad Days to Enjoy the Best Days Oceans of Compassion.jpg Oceans of Compassion May We All Be Loved.jpg May We All Be Loved
Anywhere is Paradise.jpg Anywhere is Paradise Majestic.jpg Majestic Thoughts of Wonder.jpg Thoughts of Wonder
Dreaming in Blue.jpg Dreaming in Blue Precious Heart.jpg Precious Heart You're Not Alone, Live to Win.jpg You're Not Alone, Live to Win
Blue Skies.jpg Blue Skies Dreaming in the Garden.jpg Dreaming in the Garden Never Lose Heart.jpg Never Lose Heart
Love Blossoms.jpg Love Blossoms A Golden Opportunity.jpg A Golden Opportunity The Best in Blue.jpg The Best in Blue
Nurses Have Big Hearts.jpg Nurses Have Big Hearts One Day at a Time.jpg One Day at a Time Duke has a Big Heart!.jpg Duke has a Big Heart!
You Smiled and Brightened My Day !.jpg You Smiled and Brightened My Day!