2014 Works


My studio is available for showing by special appointment only.  

These are thumbnails...so ....Click on image to enlarge painting to FULL size.

2014 was an amazing year for me and creating various art...enjoy!


Cristo Cristo Shot Put Shotput Dusk Dusk
fermentation Fermentation Ocean side Oceanside Herbs Galore.jpg Herbs Galore
Coming Up For Air Coming Up For Air The Three Sisters of Infinity.jpg The Three Sisters of Infinity Il Volto Dell Italia Ill Volto Dell' Italia
Where ismy North Face Gear Where is My North Face Gear? Cloak and Dagger Completed Cloak and Dagger Calipers in the Snow Calipers in the Snow
Valkyrie Valkyrie Watching the Koi Watching the Koi Southwest of Austin Southwest of Austin
Viticulture.jpg Viticulture Awash in the Sea Awash in the Sea Four Your Imagination.jpg Four Your Imagination
Orchard Block Orchard Block 3-A Gilchrist Gilchrist bass in the grass Bass in the Grass
The End of the Beginning The End of the Beginning 42 Buffalo 42/Buffalo selachimorpha Selachimorpha
Early Morning in the Keys Early Morning in the Keys Reign of Fire Reign of Fire Dreaming Dreaming
fromeggstoapple From Egg to Apple Another Beautiful Dayin the Peidmont Another Beautiful Day in the Peidmont Open Seas.jpg Open Seas
Peaceful Feeling2 Peaceful Feeling Thinking Tropical Thinking Tropical Parhelion Parhelion
A Day Touched By Sunshine A Day Touched by Sunshine Dia de los Muertos Dia de Muertos Lavendar Ladder Lavender Ladder
Piranha Pirate Piranha Pirate Corriendo La Bocca Corriendo la Boca perso nel mezzo Perso Nel Mezzi
Where do you go at the end of your dreams Where do you go at the End of your Dream? Watch out for the deer on the left Watch Out For the Deer on the Left! The Lone Gala The Lone Gala
perfect Perfect Downtown Downtown Turbulence Turbulence
Eye 2 Eye Eye 2 Eye Underwater Creatures Underwater Creatures Chinatown by Scooter Chinatown by Scooter
Back To Ely Back to Ely Yellow Peacock Yellow Peacock Organic Harvest.jpg Organic Harvest
The Head Chick2 The Head Chick Blue Fin 21 Blue Fin 21 Over Easy Over Easy
Area 51 1:2.jpg Area 51 1/2 Strategic Endeavor of Substantial Magnitued.jpg Strategic Endeavor of Substantial Magnitued Team USA Wins the Cup Team USA Wins the Cup
Aurora Borealis.jpg Aurora Borealis Going for the Gold Completed Updates 4 Going for the Gold Dinosaur Tour Dinosaur Tour
Salvador.jpg Salvador Indian Rocks Shore.jpg Indian Rocks Shore Bungalow Bay Bungalow Bay
Buddy the Grouper are Running Buddy, the Grouper are Running Submerged.jpg Submerged Ready For Take Off!.jpg Ready For Take Off!
Looks Like An Adventure!.jpg Looks Like An Adventure! Scottish Fish Scottish Fish horticulture Horticulture
Thalassophilous.jpg Thalassophilous Four You Tuxedo Industrial Disease Industrial Disease
Native American Wedding Vase.jpg Native American Wedding Vase By theWater By the Water The Crossing.jpg The Crossing
The Eyes are upon us.jpg The Eyes are upon us Bend Like The Wind.jpg Bend Like the Wind MeythlEthylPropyl and Butyl Methyl, Ethyl, Propyl,and Butyl
Twister Twister The Watchful Knight.jpg The Watchful Knight Eminent Emily.jpg Eminent Emily
Mi Manchi.jpg Mi Manchi Ancient Hieroglyphics.jpg Ancient Hieroglyphics Let The Symphony Begin.jpg Let The Symphony Begin
Faces In The Jungle.jpg Faces in the Jungle It's a maraton not a sprint.jpg It's a Marathon, Not a Sprint! Passage To The Wallace Castle.jpg Passage To Wallace Castle
Assemblea Entro Vino Rosso.jpg Assemblea Entro Vino Rosso Going Green Going Green Organic Underground.jpg Organic Underground
Agriculture in 3D Agriculture in 3D Aquaculture the Gem og Agroculture Aquaculture, The Gem of Agriculture The Meditating Samourai.jpg The Meditating Samurai
Marching to Mars Marching to Mars Pivot Point.jpg Pivot Point Swept intoSpring Swept Into Spring
Pescare Qui.jpg Pescare Qui? Wingman.jpg Wingman Whats your Farm Serial Number What Farm Serial Number?
More Bacon Please Sir Combined More Bacon, Sir? The Science Art and Business of Farming Combined The Science, Art and Business of Farming Going up the Esculator Going Up the Escalator
Simply Complex Simply Complex Miss G.jpg Miss G Freestyle Free Style
Bocci Ball!.jpg Bocci Ball! Shes Built to Ride She's Built to Ride Red Panda.jpg Red Panda
Keeping Perspective.jpg Keeping Perspective Koi Pond Koi Pond Opening Night Premiere.jpg Opening Night Permiere
Hes Telling Another Fish Story He's Telling Another Fish Story Nice Burning Maduro.jpg Nice Burning Maduro 2 a New Beginning 2 A New Beginning
Feeding Frenzy Feeding Frenzy Sacred Water Sacred Water Whats your rank What's Your Rank?
Sand Storm.jpg Sand Storm Do You Want Hot Sauce With That Do You Want Hot Sauce With That? Tuna Tuna
mr green flying in Mr.Green Flying in Turn to the Sun Turn to the Sun Certified Organic Certified Organic
Youve got your nose in everything You've Got Your Nose in Everything ! T 3 T-3 Vinyard Mountain Vineyard Mountain
Let it Marinate Let it Marinate Transcendental Meditation Transcental Meditation I Need to Refill my Growler I Need to Refill My Growler
Giddy Up Giddy Up ! Glabrous Benrath Glabrous Beneath Tefervesce of Pleasure Effervescence of Pleasure
Farming In The Future.jpg Farming In The Future Dali Dali Fresh Tabouli.jpg Fresh Tabouli
Salmon Going Up Stream Salmon Going Up Stream Tres Tres Hot Sauce in Four Wheele Drive Hot Sauce in Four Wheel Drive
Shaken Not Stired Shaken, Not Stirred In War, Nobody Wins.jpg In War, Nobody Wins Stealth.jpg Stealth
This Chick Is on the Run This Chick is on the Run ! Stirring it up a Bit Stirring it up a Bit Midnight Parley Midnight Parlay
Ruby Red Ruby Red Turtle Dance Turtle Dance Simply Perplexed Simply Perplexed
Green Foot Print Blue Print Green Roof Footprint Blueprint Chimerical Chimerical lending a helping hand Lend a Helping Hand
Oh Deer We have to stand in line Oh Deer, We Have to Stand in Line ! Illegitimis Non Carborundum Illegitimis Non Corborundum Ergonomics in the field and wash your hands Ergonomics in the Field, and Wash Your Hands Too!
The Kiss of the Fish The Kiss of the Fish Ship to Shore Ship to Shore Going South For the Winter Going South For the Winter
I suggest you call the help desk I Suggest You Call the Help Desk abstract Fall Abstract Fall