2015 to Present

2015  to the present day in 2017... Works of art by Michael Todd Morrison.  

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Sony Hot 2 Mal Lay Hot-2-Mal-Lay Low the 4th Industrial Revolution The Fourth Industrial Revolution Low Tropme Ioeil Tropme I'oeil (An illusion in Art)
Low Lakeside Sunrise Lakeside@Sunrise Low Birds Of A Feather Flock Together Abstract Birds Of A Feather Flock Together Low I Like Your Style I Like Your Style
Bianco Inverno Bianco Inverno Low Mr. Watson I Presume2 Watson I Presume? Low Beached2 Beached
Low Res Yeasty Boys Yeasty Boys low res Birdsnest Birdsnest My New Virtual Reality Headset New Virtual Reality Headset
Low I o T I o T (The Internet of Things) FullSizeRender 15 Matthew Sky Lanterns Sky Lanterns
Winter W low res Winter Wonderland The Portal of Discovery The Portal of Discovery The Complexity of A Human Soul The Complexity of a Human Soul
Moonstuck Moonstruck FireFight FireFight Moon Over Havana Moon Over Havana
Boraes Boreas Golden Moment Golden Moment Imperial Russian Stout Russian Imperial Stout
Getting Off The Grid Getting off the Grid Impianto Pazzo Impianto Pazzo Swimming Holoholo Swimming Holoholo
Carmel and Sugar Caramel and Sugar Going Coastal Going Coastal In the Blue In the Blue
Kailani Kailani Mr. Mr. Sono in Vacanza Sono In Vacanza
Iguanas Playing in the Snow Iguanas Playing in the Snow Mrs. Mrs. Respaire la Campagna Respaire La Campagna
Sargent Majors Puppy in the Snow Sargeant Major's Puppy in the Snow Skydiving at Night Skydiving at Night Ya Paso Cambio de Vida Ya Paso' Cambio De Vida
Blossom of the Blue Floret Blossom of the Blue Floret Sailors Delight Sailor's Delight Snow Drift Two Snow Drift Two
Stop in The Forest Stop in the Forest image 3.14 Low Robots on the Loose Robots on the Loose!
Low Caliente Abstract Caliente Another Double Day Another Double Day