Heart Collection

I LOVE hearts...enjoy this series, as I always have loved from the heart.

these images shown are thumbnails....Click to enlarge to full  size.... ENJOY!

A Portion of the sale of any artwork goes towards various heart foundations......great to give!!!



Low Chattel Chattel Low Mauerbauertaurigkeit Mauerbauertraurigkeit FullSizeRender 58 Caught Up in You
Low res Moral Fiber Moral Fiber jumpstart my heart Jump Start My Heart Love is Blind Love Is Blind
music from my heart Music From my Heart Ku Ui Po KU-UI-PO Listen To Your Heart.jpg Listen To Your Heart
Two D One, Jungle of Love.jpg Two D One, Jungle of Love 4 the love of flowers.jpg For The Love of Flowers The Shy One.jpg The Shy One
Touching the Heart of Everyone Touching the Hearts of Everyone You Found It.jpg You Found It Hearts of Joy Hearts of Joy
Hidden-Hearts.jpg Hidden Hearts Portals to Discovery.jpg Portals of Discovery Ti Penso Ogni Giorno.jpg Ti Penso Ogni Giorno
Emotional Pull Emotional Pull Ivana.jpg Ivana Affection.jpg Affection
Essence Of Pink.jpg Essence Of Pink Fragile Heart.jpg Fragile Heart Heart and Soul.jpg Heart and Soul
My Heart Swept Into Spring My Heart Swept Into Spring Torn and Tattered I got your bCK Torn and Tattered, I've Got Your Back For All of this Love that Surrounds me.jpg For All of this Love that Surrounds me
Ti Amo Ti Amo To Greener Pastures.jpg To Greener Pastures Dichiarazione D'amore.jpg Dichiarazione D'Amore
Two Hearts of the Sumo Wrestler Two Hearts of the Sumo Wrestler King of Hearts King of Hearts Strawberry Heart Pie Strawberry Heart Pie
Heart-of-the-Matter.jpg Heart of the Matter The One The One Sei Tutto Per Me.jpg Sei Tutto Per Me
My Heart is Soaring.jpg My Heart is Soaring Let Love Take Flight.jpg Let Love Take Flight Barb.jpg Barb
2 Hearts are better than one Combined 2 Hearts are Better than One Heavy Heart Heavy Heart Cherry Tart Heart Cherry Tart Heart
Flat Iron Hearts Flat Iron Hearts Hope is Stronger than Fear.jpg Hope is Stronger Than Fear Pretending low res Pretending to Care
FullSizeRender 7 Mighty Love Pretending low res2 Pretending to Care FullSizeRender 8 Saving Grace
Couldnt I Just Tell You low2 Couldn't I Just Tell You Low I Think You Know2 I Think You Know Low Love With a Thinker Love With a Thinker
Izzat Love low2 Izzat Love?