1980 - 2013 Works

These are some of the earliest works from Morrison.  

There are hundreds of paintings that are not on this 

site, so make an appointment to visit the gallery.  These are thumbnails showing so...

Click on image to enlarge to FULL size of the work of art.

Michael's works of art are also available in galleries worldwide.

Enjoy !



Surf's-Up!.jpg Surf's Up! Bells Ring In Orvieto (Italy).jpg Bells Ring In Orvieto (Italy) Sunzilla-Sunflower.jpg Sunzilla Sunflower
The-Creation-of-Passion.jpg The Creation of Passion Gotta-Hand-it-to-Ya.jpg Gotta Hand it to Ya Venti Red Eye With Room for Cream.jpg Venti Red Eye With Room for Cream
Twenty Thirteen.jpg Twenty Thirteen Two-Guards-at-the-Gate.jpg Two Guards at the Gate Purple-Majesty.jpg Purple Majesty
Agave-At-Its-Best.jpg Agave At It's Best Ragdoll-Hopscotch.jpg Ragdoll Hopscotch My New Fishing Lure.jpg My New Fishing Lure
Ill take the wild salmon please.jpg I'll take the Wild Salmon please Untitled#5.jpg Untitled #5 Bird of Prey.jpg Bird of Prey
Mayan.jpg Mayan Winners Circle.jpg Winners Circle The Little Yellow People Danced All Nite.jpg The Little Yellow People Danced All Nite
A Walk in the Woods.jpg A Walk in the Woods Hobe-Sound.jpg Hobe Sound Soaring Above A tribute to our Veterans Soaring Above (A Tribute to our Veterans)
Edge-of-Space-and-Time.jpg Edge of Space and Time Steps-to-Paradise.jpg Steps to Paradise Twister Fauvism.jpg Twister Fauvism
Mardi Gras.jpg Mardi Gras Moons and Water.jpg Moons and Water Amaggio-Floreale.jpg Amaggio Floreale
St.-Johns-USVI.jpg St. Johns USVI Nemesis.jpg Nemesis Flying-Horse-Refinery.jpg Flying Horse Refinery
Photosynthesis-Abstracto.jpg Photosynthesis Abstracto Dreaming-of-Snow.jpg Dreaming of Snow Yuanfen.jpeg Yaunfen
Tranquility.jpg Tranquility Untitled-1982.jpg Untitled 1982 Omonos.jpg Omonos
The Telomeres The Telomeres Untitled-17.jpg Untitled 17 XO's-Love-and-Kisses-(Framed).jpg XO's Love and Kisses
Between Indigo and Green.jpg Between Green & Indigo Abstract-Series-#1.jpg Abstract Series #1 YELLOW-DEER-IN-CAMOUFLAGE-JUST-ATE-MY-DAYLILLIES-!.jpg Yellow Deer In Camouflage Just Ate My Daylillies!
Unititled-#4.jpg Unititled #4 Fissiparous.jpg Fissiparous Abstract-Flowers.jpg Abstract Flowers
Raging-Cajun.jpg Raging Cajun Abstract-Series-#2.jpg Abstract Series #2 Deep River.jpg Deep River
Abstract-Series-#3.jpg Abstract Series #3 Peace.jpg Peace The World in Abstract 2.jpg The World in Abstract 2
Indian-at-Peace.jpg Indian at Peace Love.jpg Love (AI) Abstract-Series-#5.jpg Abstract Series #5
Too Much Caffeine.jpg Too Much Caffeine Teakettle-Belize.jpg Teakettle Belize Opuntia-Argentina-Hybrid.jpg Opuntia Argentina Hybrid
The-Four-Warriors.jpg The Four Warriors I am the walrus.jpg I Am The Walrus Red Sky At Night, Sailors Delight.jpg Red Sky at Night, Sailors Delight
The-Stock-Market.jpg The Stock Market Magnificent Glow corrected.jpg Magnificent Glow in Fano Tradewinds.jpg Tradewinds
Organic Isle.jpg Organic Isle Abstract-Series-#11.jpg Abstract Series #11 3 Leagues Under the Sea.jpg 3 Leagues Under the Sea
Deep-in-the-Jungle.jpg Deep in the Jungle Shoot-The-Lights-Out!.jpg Shoot The Lights Out! Dazzling-in-Perfection.jpg Dazzling in Perfection
4-Luck.jpg 4 Luck Famoso Volentieri.jpg Famoso Volentieri Miosis Mirage.jpg Miosis Mirage
Two-Seahorses-in-Love-Left-Panel-joined.jpg Seahorses in Love Abstract-Series-#12.jpg Abstract Series #12 Window-of-Opportunity.jpg Window of Opportunity
Dreaming-of-Dalmations.jpg Dreaming of Dalmations Put Me in Coach.jpg Put Me in Coach Bluewater-Sailing.jpg Bluewater Sailing
Solo Ironman Gratuito.jpg Solo Ironman Gratuito A-Bird-Of-Open-Country.jpg A Bird Of Open Country Enchanted-April.jpg Enchanted April
Enduring-Vision.jpg Enduring Vision Untitled#3.jpg Untitled#3 Solo Philalethist.jpg Solo Philalethist
Something Beautiful.jpg Something Beautiful Gentle-Breezes-in-the-Meadow.jpg Gentle Breezes in the Meadow Abstract-Series-#7.jpg Abstract Series #7
The World in Abstract.jpg The World in Abstract Bioluminescense Savy 2.jpg Bioluminescense Savy 2 Higgs-Boson.jpg Higgs Boson
Hurricane Ike.jpg Hurricane Ike The-Rising.jpg The Rising Phantom-Voltage.jpg Phantom Voltage
A-New-Start.jpg A New Start Overtures-In-Color.jpg Overtures In Color Atomic Element 115.jpg Atomic Element 115
55-Faces.jpg 55 Faces Who Forgot The Sunscreen.jpg Who Forgot The Sunscreen? The-Soothing-Calm.jpg The Soothing Calm
Calm Before the Storm.jpg Calm Before The Storm The-Narrow-Inlet.jpg The Narrow Inlet Petabytes-in-the-Dark.jpg Petabytes in the Dark
Luck.jpg Luck Epigenetics-Omlet.jpg Epigenetics Omlet Abstract-Series-#10.jpg Abstract Series #10
Slightly Ideal!.jpg Slightly Ideal! To-Organized-Chaos.jpg To Organized Chaos Eros.jpg Eros
Abstract-Series-#6.jpg Abstract Series #6 The Four Letters.jpg The Four Letters Water with Lemon.jpg Water with Lemon
Tacos.jpg Tacos Carnavale-Fortuna.jpg Carnavale Fortuna Down The Boulevard Combined.jpg Down The Boulevard
Abstract-Series-#4.jpg Abstract Series #4 Love.jpg Love Really?... Seriously?.jpg Really?...Seriously?
Festive Tranquility.jpg Festive Tranquility Learning to Fly.jpg Learning to Fly Beauty in Distortion.jpg Beauty in Distortion
Little-Green-Boy-at-Play.jpg Little Green Boy at Play Coming In From The Ride For A Cold One (BEER).jpg Coming In From The RIDE For A Cold One Strawberry-Fields.jpg Strawberry Fields
Entering The City Of Hope.jpg Entering The City Of Hope Purple Pseudochromid Fish.jpg Purple Pseudochromid Fish Red-White-Blue-4-U.jpg Red, White & Blue 4 U
Lone Star State.jpg Lone Star Le-Vase.jpg Le Vase Heion.jpg Heion
Eagle-Eye.jpg Eagle Eye Circle-of-Life.jpg Circle of Life FireandIce.jpg FireandIce
Purple Mountain Majesty.jpg Purple Mountain Majesty Question-of-Love.jpg Question of Love Starry Castle.jpg Starry Castle
Saltwater-Taffy.jpg Saltwater Taffy The Finish Line.jpg The Finish Line Aliens off to dinner.jpg Aliens off to dinner
Pollination.jpg Pollination Why did you give my baby chick a red eye.jpg Why did you give my baby chick a red eye? Yellow-and-Blue-Infusion.jpg Yellow and Blue Infusion
Wonders-of-Color.jpg Wonders of Color unc horseshoes.jpg UNC Horseshoes Disperse Blue 106.jpg Disperse Blue 106
Three-in-Concerto.jpg Three in Concerto Natures Amphitheater.jpg Natures Amphitheater Summertime-Slice-of-Melon.jpg Summertime Slice of Melon
Anaplasia.jpg Anaplasia Soil-Profile-#7.jpg Soil Profile #7 The Coriolis Effect.jpg The Coriolis Effect
Qigong (Meditation).jpg Qigong (Meditation) Serinity-Now.jpg Serinity Now Apache Kinematics.jpg Apache Kinematics
Race-Car-Driver.jpg Race Car Driver My Genome.jpg My Genome Purple-Pandas-Abstract.jpg Purple Pandas Abstract
Car 54.jpg Car 54 Purple-Evolution.jpg Purple Evolution Top Secret.jpg Top Secret
Nebula-48.jpg Nebula 48 Adoption at the Pound.jpg Adoption at the Pound Mr.-Hummer.jpg Mr. Hummer
Virtue.jpg Virtue 1 Love.jpg 1 Love Megabyte-Plant.jpg Megabyte Plant
Logarithms.jpg Logarithms Jupiter-Island.jpg Jupiter Island Splitting Headache.jpg Splitting Headache
Gringrow.jpg Gringrow Green-Collage-7.jpg Green Collage #7 Pandoras Glow Pandora's Glow
Ti Voglio Bene.jpg Ti Voglio Bene Digital-Meeting-in-Space.jpg Digital Meeting in Space Imagination-Overload.jpg Imagination Overload
Creation-Of-Passion.jpg Creation Of Passion Beginning-Anew.jpg Beginning Anew The Missing Link.jpg The Missing Link
We Scream for Ice Cream.jpg We Scream For Ice Cream Abstract-in-Sushi.jpg Abstract in Sushi Baklava Cheesecake Baklava Cheesecake
Chatter.jpg Chatter Radiant Orchid.jpg Radiant Orchid Ol-Red.jpg Ol Red
Welcome to the.jpg Welcome to the… Stay Focused.jpg Stay Focused Snow Drift.jpg Snowdrift
Carousel of Life.jpeg Carousel of Life My Own Personal Dragon.jpg My Own Personal Dragon Medicine-Man.jpg Medicine Man
Wolverine.jpeg Wolverine Z Blues Z Blues Uva Uva
Fall in the Garden.jpg Fall in the Garden Orange Bio Chemical reaction.jpg Orange Bio Chemical Reaction Wool Alcohol.jpg Wool Alcohol
Quaternium 15.jpg Quaternium - 15 Winds of Imagination Winds of Imagination Gathering of Nations.jpg Gathering of Nations
Back In The Saddle Back in the Saddle Faces of the famous Faces of the Famous