What types of Reproductions are available?

Matte Prints:

Reproduction prints are done on a heavy weight, high-quality matte paper. This paper is chosen for archival and colorfast qualities. Our custom prints feature highly-saturated colors created from quality inks. Prints are limited to short runs and offer an affordable way to own works by Michael Morrison.


A Giclee, french for "sprayed ink," is created by an intricate printing process on stretched canvas. Giclee printing creates a very high-quality reproduction print of an original artwork. The process uses pigment-based inks rather than dye-based inks giving a longer lifespan. Our giclee are individually inspected prior to shipping.

Embellished Giclee:

Embellished giclee adds touches of paint to the giclee making it unique. The artist embellishes the giclee by adding paint and texture. This process takes more time to match paint colors, approximately 3 weeks longer than the standard giclee production.

Sizes of paintings can be made to order. Email us for more information.

Are artworks already framed?

Giclee are ordered with 3/8 inch sides, used for framing. We recommend the 1.5 inch wrap. This process in the reproduction of the giclee wraps the painting around the edges so you DO NOT need a frame. It also looks better and you can see the painting from all angles.  If you so desire we can send normal 3/8 inch sides so you  can frame it yourself.

How are items Shipped?

Shipping is vital to ensuring artwork makes it to you in pristine condition. We take great care in packaging and only ship with UPS and FedEx. A estimated shipping cost will be calculated and communicated with you before the finalizing of the sale, adn taxes. There is NO handling fee, as we do this as a courtesy to our clients. Please allow 2 to 3 weeks for shipping. 

International shipping will be determined according to size and delivery point.

What is the Return Policy?

Given the custom nature of our products, they are shipped carefully packed. GUARANTEE or your money back !!!.  We insure the packages being shipped to your home or office.

International shipping

Costs for shipping varies depending on the destination, and sizing of painting(s).

What if I have further questions?

Please see our contact page.