Love With a Thinker

24" x 30"


This acrylic on canvas creation is about Todd Rundgren's Utopian song

called "Love With a Thinker".  Brings out Valentine's, bold colors, heartfelt moving across 

the canvas. One of my favorite songs from the Utopian era., and love.!!~

CD:  Oblivion

Some Lyrics....."She's a definite thinker,  It don't take a genius to see

There's something ticking behind those eyes,  What does she think of me

She has the answer when I don't know what to ask,  And always lets me know so innocently

But when she gets that certain look on her face, I wonder what will be left when

she's finished with me ...God help me, I'm in love with a thinker

Save me, lips of a singer, Help me, feet of a dancer

Save me, I'm in love with a thinker, Yes, she's a definite thinker..."