30" x 24"


"Attitude"   This work of art was done using acrylic on canvas.  You MUST spend some time with

this painting. No way around it.  The longer you gaze, the more you don't get an attitude!

This creation is for sale below and includes shipping in the USA.

I also comes with a certificate of authenticity, ... enjoy

Album: Demos and Lost Albums

Some Lyrics...."Kid's kind of dirty and a light on you, But talk, talk, talk is all you can do

You want to know how to play a game of show and tell, But you're just not getting off on yourself

When you got to get a message through, It's not what you do, It's your attitude

And there is nothing stopping you, It's not what you do, It's your attitude

You got to get off on yourself, And give them that attitude.... 

...It's the way you walk and the way you talk, And the way you do everything you do

You got the attitude..."