Soul Brother

40" x 20"


"Soul Brother"

This acrylic on canvas creation was done using just black paint.

Michael' unique style of abstact uses motion, faces, blobs and dots to make the statement.

The original work of art is for sale below, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

Album: Liars  (released in 2004)  Todd played this on the David Letterman Show.

Some lyrics..."I didn't just pull into town.  This happened right before my eyes.

There's something missing in the sound, That so used to satisfy.

It may rock, it may roll, but tell me. Whatever happened to your soul?

It's just a murky, jerky groove.  It motivates but it don't move

And all the pimps and funky divas.  Crank out their empty testifying

They mixed it all in a bowl but then they. Forgot to add a pinch of soul

Tell me, whatever happened to soul, brother? 

Tell me, what did they do with the soul, soul brother?

Tell me, where did they go with the soul, brother?  Can I get a witness?..."