24" x 30"



This abstract arylic paint on canvas was done with just black and white.

Take the time to study this will be determined to find it all.

CD:  Hermit of Mink Hollow       Released in 1978

Some Lyrics..."  Show me some determination,  Show me the measure of your dedication

I need to see just a reflection of your inspiration.  Don't you break down on me

I'm looking for someone,  Someone strong enough to believe in.  Everybody's looking

for someone,  Strong enough to stand on his feet,  And never break down.  

I'll put my life on the line and believe what you say.  I'll go out on a limb if you

meet me halfway.  I'm looking for someone.  To show me what they mean by devotion.  

Everybody's looking for someone, Prepared to put aside his emotion

And never break down..."