Burn Three Times

18" x 24"


"Burn Three Times"

This work of art was done on Guesso Board using Acrylic paint.

There are three faces in this abstract....thus burn three times.

CD:  Utopia        Released in 1982

Some Lyrics...." Burn burn burn, cause its so hot.  Burn burn burn, that you might get burned

Burn burn burn.  I've got a hot number,  Got a hot number, Got a hot number bearing your name

It's such a big order, Such a big order, Such a big order turn up the flame

It's a champagne kiss with a surprise in the middle, I hope you're hungry, I've been cookin' all day

Got a love so strong you couldn't squish it with a griddle,Call out the volunteers cause

my heart's a flame.  I gotta time it right so it's warm when you get it

Turn up the heat just a little bit higher, It was a good idea but I think I overdid it

I can't reach the oven and the kitchen's on fire..."