Free, Male, and 21

24" x 30"


"Free, Male, and 21"

Acrylic on canvas abstract creation from Michael.

I remember when I was 21, and there was so much a sense of freedom, and realizing my life

was complicated when I discovered all the freedom allowed me to do...overwhelmed, and this

painting shows the thoughts running through my mind.

Album: Up Against It       Released in 1997

Some Lyrics...." Free, male, and twenty-one, This is such a fine distinction

The career that we've begun, I just made twenty-one, I'm old enough to run

For congressman or clerk of the public works, Or dogcatcher or something just as dumb

If I should choose to run.  I make no exaggeration, Just a statement of the facts

Now I'm second generation, And I am manly to the max.  And no one can decree

Just who I have to be, The choice is up to me, And if I could be anything, I'd be

Male and twenty-one.  It's nice to be a man.  I use it all I can"