18" x 24"



This work of art by Michael is done with acrylic on canvas and has

a wrap around it is ready to have and is for sale at this time.

Wanted the pyramids, the mounds of sand, the mirage, and much more....enjoy the travels.

Album: Adventures in Utopia

Some Lyrics...."Moses went into the desert,  Moses came back with the law

Jesus went into the desert, God only knows what he saw

Hitch up your ass and your camel, Fill up your skin at the well, Roll up your tent,

whisper your prayers, Are you ready to ride through hell, Caravan moving

through the night, sleeping in the light of day, Caravan spinning through

the voidon our way to anywhere, Caravan time is just a joke change

is all we, understand, Caravan life is a mirage, only a mirage

dancing on the desert sand..."