Welcome to My Revolution

30" x 30"


"Welcome to My Revolution"

One of my favorite songs by Utopia.  This acrylic on canvas creation has a lot

of color and pop in this abstract....you can see two eyes.. a heart...and a  lot more.

Welcome to MY Revolution.....

Album: Oblivion, released in 1984.

Some Lyrics..."There's too much music, too much light, These endless broadcasts into the night

Petty seizures of money and drugs, By some official or unauthorized thugs

Now it's gone, the whole world's gone, There's the army at the front door, guerrillas in back

Why do I always have to take up sides, I had no plans to be conscripted today

I am no use to them anyway, So what the hell's going on, 

When they took my bed for the good of the state, I had to rest my head and took to levitation

Welcome to my revolution..."