Wouldn't You Like to Know

24" x 18"


Wouldn't You Like To Know.......

This acrylic on canvas creation from Michael goes into depth, into the

eyes...look closely... lot's going on here...wouldn't you like to know..... enjoy.

Not for sale at this time.....

CD: The White Knight....   Todd and Rebop Rundgren

Some Lyrics..."  Ignorance is bliss, and I believe it's so, I guess sometimes you have to hurt

like this, If you ever hope to grow.  Rolling like a stone, Down the same old road, Why your're still alone,

Wouldn't you like to know....Ever wonder where, or why she had to go, Did she really care,

Wouldn't you like to know. Life is so complex, Can't help but fall behind, It's hard to see who

all of this connects, With a simple little mind.  When you close your eyes...."