Da da Dali

12" x 36"


"Da da Dali"

Michael took a long time doing this abstract on canvas creation.  After visiting the Dali

museum in Florida, he worked over eight months on and off making this creation of the Todd song.

There is so much to see in this work of art. Enjoy.  The original is now for sale.

Album: A Wizard A True Star, released in 1973.

Some lyrics..." Dada Dali goodbye, Dada Dali don't sigh, Your soft alarm clocks quake me

So boil your beans and meet me at Perignon Station, Crutch me Dali again,

Lobster telephone friend, Stay in your seat, watch what you eat

If you don't get a dead mule then you'll know I'm in heat

Dada Dali hello, Dada Dali you're just another onionhead..."