Set Me Free

18" x 24"


"Set Me Free"

This abstract/landscape done with acrylic on canvas, shows the caravan moving

and the chains that bind us.  The song is about setting us free..... enjoy the many

various things in the painting... the original work is now for sale.

Album:  Adventures in Utopia... Sang by Kasim Sulton, with Todd, Willie, and Rodger.

Some Lyrics...." you refuse to set me free, And you deny me of my needs

You have me under lock and key, Just set me free just set me free

You never cared for what i had to say, It's just because you got to have it all your way

Well I ain't no superman, If that's what you demand then set me free

Couldn't you please just set me free, You get your fun just hurting me

If this is how it's going to be, Just set me free just set me free..."