36" x 60"



Over several months, I built up the layers on this painting to show the contrast

of the dark profile of the gun.  This abstract acrylic on canvas creation is available.

Reproductions are available as well as prints.  Just pull the trigger..... comes with a 

certificate of authenticity as well..

ALBUM: Arena.     Arena is an album by Todd that was released in 2008.

Like several of his earlier albums, this was entirely a solo effort, with Rundgren playing all the instruments.

In contrast to his earlier albums, he produced this album entirely on an Apple laptop computer using 

software for composition and RiffWorks for recording.

Some Lyrics...."I really love the way you fit my hand, You're with me always like a wedding band

More than a friend to me, my true identity.  You're smooth and hard and that's the way you stay

Bright and polished like a Chardonay..."