Izzat Love?

30" x 30"


Izzat Love?

I just love this one..abstract using acrylic on canvas. The original is for sale and comes with a

certificate of authenticity.  Using pink, red, back and white to mix it all up....Izzat Love?

You can even see a head behind the heart... love it...

ALBUM: Something/Anything?

Some Lyrics...." Izzat love what I feel when you're in my arms

Make me die before I'd do you harm, When you're lost I will lead you home

If you're cold, you know I'll keep you warm, Am I wrong?

Or izzat love when I dream there is no one else. In the end, who's your friend? Just myself

Izzat love to forget my pride.  To conceal how it feels deep inside, Am I wrong?  Or izzat love?

Izzat love to forgive all those things you've done, If you go still you know I'm the one

Only love, love alone can survive, Deep inside I believe it's alive, Am I wrong? Or izzat love?..."