Beloved Infidel

30" x 24"


Beloved Infidel

Abstract creation using acrylic on canvas.  The original work of art is for sale.

So much going on in this painting, it takes you a while to soak it all in....

ALBUM: The Individualist  .....released in 1995

Some Lyrics..." Beloved infidel, where are you hiding now? Will you return to me once

you've been disavowed?  All the many battles you fought on my behalf.  Now your

memory fades like a photograph.  False gods they will erect offerings they will burn

I am lost in meditation and awaiting your return.  Beloved infidel, do I beseech in vain?

Since you departed here, the pendulum swings again, Now the weak are vilified and

the wicked glorified.  And still you hide away inside a fool such as I.  And it is money

that they worship and Lies are what they sell,  And fear is their obsession.  Ring the

liberation bell, beloved infidel,  Beloved infidel..."