Back on the Street

36" x 48"


Back on the Street

This creation was made using acrylic on canvas, with other goodies to make the effect.

The original is for sale and comes with a certificate of authenticity.. Enjoy.

ALBUM: Oops! Wrong Planet (UTOPIA)  Released in 1977.

Some Lyrics...."  Where do I go? What am I supposed to live on?  What happens when

the twenty-five dollars is gone?  That leaves me lots of time to wonder why I was born

But the countdown is on.  Everybody's dancing, The music sounds entrancing But you

can't find the beat.  It's the ticking of a thousand human time bombs.  Who are back

on the street. Oh the names have been changed, But the story's the same.  History will

repeat.  Add it all up and then divide it by zero, 'Cause you're back on the street..."