There Goes My Inspiration

20" x 30"


There Goes My Inspiration

This black and white creation was done with acrylic on canvas.

The original is for sale at this time.  Just love how it pops, explodes, like seedlings or small 

plants emerging...well, there goes my ispiration!

Album:  Utopia    Released in 1982.

Some Lyrics..." There goes my inspiration.  My reason for creation.  There goes my inspiration

I felt it fly away when you said goodbye.  Me and Gaugin used to party down

I was hung in the Louvre, I was Renoir's pal. Vincent Van Gogh used to joke with me

Now they don't come 'round, It's all over town that the master's lost his touch

I'm so lost I can hardly hold a brush...There goes my inspiration

My reason for creation..."