In the Tundra

16" x 20"



This mixed media on canvas was done after I read an article on Rhinos.

Three of the five rhinoceros species are listed as being critically endangered. 

Rhinoceros have thick, sensitive skin.

They can grow up to 15 feet long, stand over 6 feet tall and weigh over 7000

pounds (3.5 tons). Both have two horns on their snout, with the larger (in front)

averaging nearly 3 feet and, on the truly exceptional, reaching almost 5 feet.

Rhinos are lovable lummoxes, herbivores who roam grasslands and forests

nibbling on foliage, fruit and grasses. When left alone, they can live for over

40 years in the wild. Able to reach speeds of up to 35 miles per hour.

The original painting is for sale at this time and comes with a certificate of authenticity.