Worldwide Epiphany

60" x 30"


Worldwide Epiphany

This large work of art by Michael took over four years to complete.

and is one of his favorite Todd songs.  So much detail and work was put into

this creation, to make the final work.  Enjoy. The original is for sale and is BIG.

Has a painted wrap around canvas so you DO NOT have to frame, just hang.

Album:  No World Order,   released in 1993.

Some Lyrics..."  Worldwide epiphany, epiphany.  Down in the lowlands to the top of the hill

Don't know what's comin', but we know that it will.  Blind in Benares, deaf and dumb in LA....  

And we'll never be there, We got the right to know, which means, We got the right to misunderstand

And slant the plan to help our hand and man, They call it a culture, but it sucks you in like quicksand

Killer bees finally make it to Tokyo, Juliet never made it with Romeo, But check out the video later

Terminator III's gonna preview the next fifty years or so..."