Yer Fast (And I Like It)

24" x 18"


"Yer Fast, (And I Like It)"

This acrylic painting on paint board is an abstract with a lot going on... Red hot !

There are lots of faces, things, and action.. 

CD: One Long Year, Released in 2000

Some Lyrics..."  You got speed, turn it on, What I need to mow my lawn

You're my steed I ride til dawn, And the main vein bleeds til my strength is gone

I'm in the saddle, I'm in the race, I try not to ratle but you set the pace

When I start to struggle to share your space, You stop and then you

Stick it in my face, Stick it in my face. You stick it... Yer fast, and I like it

Yer fast, and I like it, It can't last, but I like it, I like it I like it I like it..."