Angry Bird

18'' x 24''


"Angry Bird"

Acrylic on Paint Board creation.

This abstract shows the angry bird in the upper left and all the emotion. The beat of the song...awesome!!!

Here is what Todd had to say about Angry Bird...."When you start talking video games,

then everyone knows Angry Birds has redefined the entire video game market.

From a lyrical standpoint, we had this whole election cycle and part of that was

this so called War on Woman. I realized that the basis for the War on Woman is also

the basis for the game Angry Birds. Some pigs are trying to control the reproduction of the birds.

It suddenly occurred to me, 'Wait a minute, this really is what Angry Birds is about."

Album: State

Some Lyrics..."Everybodys talking, have you heard.... I know it is ubsurd,

it's an angry bird.... angry bird..."