Sometimes I Don't Know What To Feel

18'' x 24''


"Sometimes I Don't Know What to Feel"

Acrylic on Canvas work of art and the original is for sale.  I was bringing emotion to

the canvas using streaks of paint and various bold colors to make the statement of feeling.

Album: A Wizard A True Star

Some Lyrics...."Sometimes I don't know...I just don't know what to feel

Sometimes I don't know what to feel, Everything I thought that

I knew starts to look so unreal, There's a ringing in my head

that keeps me awake at night.  Sometimes I don't know what is right

Today I saw a car crush my little dog under its wheel

It did not even stop, it just sped off and out of sight, Sometimes I just feel so afraid

But I know that no one else has it made. So if I just believe in myself

I won't need no help from nobody else and I can make it alone..."