Yellow Deer In Camouflage Just Ate My Daylillies!

36" x 48"


"Yellow Deer in Camouflage Just Ate My Daylillies!"

Acrylic on Canvas. 

Abstract of a yellow deer in Camouflage.   Where I live, there are deer,

and lots of them.  I bought some prized dayliles that were expensive.

I bought a lot of them.  I planted them around the house and in the

garden along with other (to find out later) deer loving plants.  

I now have prized NUBS,  as soon as a new leaf shoot comes is buffet time.  

One morning I went out on the back porch, and after standing

there a few minutes, I saw not one but several....

it almost seemed like they were smiling at me for that nice brunch

they just had. It is so amazing how they

blend into the landscape. Thus the name of the abstract painting!