Word Made Flesh

18'' x 24"


"Word Made Flesh"

Acrylic on Paint Board, and the Original is for sale, 12" x 16"

Album: No World Order

Some Lyrics...." Suck my breast, I'm the word made flesh. Ain't no rest

for the word made flesh. My lips are moving but I hear no sound

It's that same old noise, it's in sensurround, Tune yourself up and count

yourself down. Word made flesh, word made flesh, Lord help me rise

to this occasion. Word made, word made flesh,I've been toiling so hard

in the vineyard.Pay your debts to the word made flesh, East meets

west in the word made flesh, I see you talking, but I still can't hear

Like a box of glass blocking off my ears, Turn off the charm

and prey on your fears..."