Blue Orpheus

18'' x 24''


"Blue Orpheus"

Acrlyic on Paint Board, Original is 12"x 16" which is for sale.

Album: A Cappella

Some Lyrics...."But when I hear my Blue Orpheus sing,I know that life is a wonderful thing

Somewhere there's love and perpetual spring, I know life is a wonderful thing

Seems so long ago, The sound of your joy filled the atmosphere

We can make it on our own, But the road is so rocky and steep

And when you feel lost, No one tells you what you need to hear

And the only dream you have, Is the one that's in your sleep, 'Cause we soon forget

what we're here for. I need someone to say he's got dreams of his own

I'll know I'm not alone...I want to hear my Blue Orpheus sing

I'll know that life is a wonderful thing..."