Johnny Jingo

18'' x 24''


"Johnny Jingo"

Acrylic on Paint board

Orignal is for sale which is 12" x 16" and is for sale.

Album: A Cappella

Some lyrics...." He was just fifteen, he was a new trainee

He lied about it for the opportunity, To defend the border his life was sworn

Though not a generation was native born, Johnee Jingo, Johnee Jingo

He had lost the battle but won the war, When the generals

said he couldn't fight no more, He was proud and bitter at what he'd done

So he passed it off to his favorite son, Johnee Jingo, Johnee Jingo

Jingo don't you fight for me, Jingo don't you speak for me

To the man who owns the land, We're all the same...."