Umbrella Man

24'' x 36''


"Umbrella Man'

Acrylic on Pastel Board Canvas creation by Michael and the original is for sale at this time.

Creating the white umbrella in a landscape scene is just what the rain ordered....

Album: Demos at Lost Albums

Some Lyrics...."When the sun just refuses to shine on through, And it's cats

and doggies all over you. You need some protection so what do you do

See the umbrella man. Go and see the umbrella man, When it's raining -

umbrella man, umbrella man, You can see him when it's sunny, when the rain comes down

You ought to find a corner where he's always found, A reflection in a puddle, just

turn around, To see the umbrella man, Go and see the umbrella man

When it's raining - umbrella man, umbrella man. There are some things in life

on which you can depend. Don't try to guess when it'll rain again

You don't have to worry 'cause you've got a friend..."