There Goes Your Baybay

18'' x 24''


"There Goes Your Baybay"

Acrylic on Canvas and the original is for sale and comes with a COA.

Many colors and techniques used in this abstract...there goes...

Album: The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect

Some Lyrics...."The market's crashing and the bulls and bears

Are falling out of windows everywhere, You've got it covered and you just don't care

Yeah, it's crazy. You made some clever moves in real estate, It's caviar upon

a golden plate. Until you're throttled by the hand of fate. There goes your baybay

You know I've seen it happen all the time, You get too far above the bottom line

One day you're sure that everything is fine, Then the next day you see'

I stand behind every word I said. It takes a special thing to make her stay

And I was convinced that I had found a way. Now I can't believe it's happened to me

'cause there goes my baybay..."