Moon Over Havana

18'' x 24''


Acrylic on Canvas Panel

The original painting is available, and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

My mother was born and raised in Cuba.

I hope someday I will be able to go back to where she was born about 12 miles Southwest of Havana.

The family back then had a banana, tobacco, and pineapple plantation.

She said she used to run naked throught he banana plantation.

Moon Over Havana is an abstract, and only embellished gicllee (See FAQ section)

are available in 24" x 36" size with gallery wrapped frame.

One time run of 25 metallic prints 20" x 30" are for sale. This will be the only amount issued. They are numbered and signed by Michael.  The cost is $75 and packaging and shipping cost of $25.00. Call (260) 578-0278 to order. There are only five left.