18'' x 24''


Abstract Acrylic on Canvas 

The original painting is for sale below. I also have a giclee embellished for sale, and they come with a Certificate of Authenticity.

This original creation has a wrap around frame the painting goes around the canvas and does not need a frame, and is ready to hang.

Call (260) 758-0278 for more information.  

Moonstruck means dazed or distracted with romantic sentiment.   

To be dazed, semiconscious, crazy, or love-stricken state.

Believed to be caused by a phase of the moon.  

 A one time run of 25 metallic prints have been made of "Moonstruck"   These 20" x 30" prints are numbered and signed by Michael and will be the only prints done of this amazing abstract painting.  That is more will be made.  The amazing low cost per print $85.00 in the USA, plus $25.00 for shipping and handling.  

To order contact us at (260) 758-0278.