The Four Warriors

24" x 36"


"The Four Warriors"

Acrylic on Canvas, 

This colorful abstract is a painting about compassion.  At the time when I started

working as a volunteer with the Pretty in Pink Foundation there were

four women in the office.  For the amount of staff, they were doing amazing

things for this non profit.  So, I decided to do an abstract about them.  

The Four Warriors are in the painting (the gals), and in the middle is a pair of Angel's wings.  

They traded them off when they needed the wings, and is presented in this

abstract in the middle.  There is a little red as you can see, this is a reflection

of giving from their soul for their purpose and their compassionate giving.  

The foundation is about serving women or men diagnosied with

breast cancer but are under insured or do not have any insurance.