24''x 36''



This abstract is an acrylic on canvas creation and is for sale.

Using various painting techniques, images, symbolic chants in written form

make this work of art very interesting.

Album: The Ever Popular Tortured Artist Effect -   Released in 1982.

Some Lyrics..."We can't turn back the clock, But we can chant for love

Let's cut the idle talk so we can, Chant for love, We always have the time to quarrel

About such problems as money and war, Let's put it off until tomorrow

Who needs another dose of sorrow?  It don't necessitate an act of faith

To chant for love, What alibi is strong enough to wait. To chant for love

Though we don't hold the reigns of power, Somebody else seems to be in control

We mustn't waste another hour.  We'll get directly to the soul

If we can, Chant, For a world united...Chant..."