Black Ice

48" x 36"


Black Ice is an acrylic on canvas creation by Michael.

Reproductions on canvas are available!   Slick...yeah!

Black Ice is an abstract by Michael which in size is rather large at  48" x 36".  The use of textures put on the canvas

created the feel of the surface being raised off the canvas, and then was painting on top to create this piece.

Black ice is a great hazard for climbers and scramblers. Cold weather is common at high altitudes, and black ice

quickly forms on rock surfaces. Loss of traction is as sudden and unexpected as on a pavement or road, but can be fatal

if the rock is in an exposed position with a drop below. An ice-axe and crampons are essential use in such circumstances

as they will help to prevent a fall, and a belay rope will help to arrest a fall. Black ice is formed on relatively dry roads,

rendering it invisible to drivers. It occurs when in the textures present in all pavements very slightly below the top

of the road surface contain water or moisture, thereby presenting a dry surface to tires until that water or

moisture freezes and expands; drivers then find they are riding above the road surface on a honeycombed invisible sheet of ice.