Cool Fire

24" x 18"


Cool Fire is an acrylic on canvas creation by Michael.  

Album: WASP

Wasp was the fifth studio album released by teen-idol, Shaun Cassidy in 1980. In an attempt to salvage a sinking pop career,

Cassidy recruited Todd Rundgren to help "reinvent" his music career. Members of Rundgren's group Utopia also played on the record

and the work had a decidedly "new wave" feel.  Some of the songs on the ablum were written by Rundgren and various members

of his band. Unlike his previous four albums where he wrote at least one song, Cassidy was given a co-writing credit on "Cool Fire."  

Michael uses the plant in the forefront to shadow the Fire in the background.  

The vivid colors really come out in this painting and makes it pop with color and form.

Some Lyrics... "I remember, but I don't remember, I was captured, I was hypnotized,

Look away from the cool fire, look away, you could burn your eyes, take it easy 'cause it's much too easy

to surender, to be drawn inside, look away from the cool fire, look away 'casues you might go blind....."