Out of Control

24" x 36"


"Out of Control" is an acrylic on canvas creation from Michael.

Album:  Hermit of Mink Hollow is Todd Rundgren's eighth solo album, released in 1978. 

Michael took his time on this painting which took over eight months of working on and off....kinda out of control!

Some Lyrics...."Hot damn, Never dreamed a man could know such speed
Never had a chance to fill my need, It's just what I always wanted
To be the last of a dying breed, Said I thought I had my number down
I'd seen every scene to hit this town, Looks like no one wants to tell you
When something like this comes around
There they go, everyone's going...Everyone's gone this time
There they go, everyone's going...Don't you get left behind
Looks like it's gonna explode, Looks like it's gonna explode
Looks like it's gonna go totally out of control..."