It Takes Two to Tango

18" x 24"


It Takes Two to Tango, (This is for the Girls)   The original is for sale and comes with

a Certificate of Authenticity. You can see the two lovers on the right leaning over the heart.

Album: Something/Anything?  Released in 1972.

Can you see the two lovers on the right side leaning over the heart?  Love the song!

Some Lyrics.... "Now I don't recall All the details of the scene at all
But I had a ball And learned all the games
Forgot all the names You must admit you learned a bit

(It takes two to tango) No I wasn't alone
(It takes two to tango) I remember it still
(It takes to tango) Drink a toast if you will

This is for the girls who couldn't understand
What it's like to try to be a man
And this one's for the girls and they know who they are
It's so long ago and I don't know