24" x 18"



This acrylic on canvas board is a creation from Michael which uses various techniques to make this creation of a Todd Rundgren song

The original is for sale and comes with a certificate of authenticity,

and a portion of proceeds goes towards the Spirit of Harmony Foundation.

Album: For Lack of Honest Work (A live history 1971-2006)

Some lyrics.... " Make me feel like a big strong man, You say you don't care about my pride,

You love me too much just to let me die, And you won't let me come inside

Unless I don't go to war no more Lysistrata, little boys like to have their fun,
And you know I gotta put on my colors and get my gun
Every able bodied man that I know,

Every patriot is packed to go, Won't you give me a last goodbye
I'll be sent off to a distant land, To spill my blood upon some foreign sand,

And I may die by an enemy's hand And then I won't go to war no more..."