Feel It

32" x 42"


FEEL IT !    Mixed Media creation by Michael, the longer you stare, the more you feel it!  

This is the only one that will be offered with no copies or reproductions to be produced,

and is priced at $825. US, and comes with a Certificate of Authencity.

CD:  Nearly Human, 1989.

Some Lyrics ..."Now I know you can learn something new every day, 

And it feels so good, If you don't think too much, Don't even try to be serious

Just let my hands take control, And give me all of your soul...You know I tried,

To run away but I can't hide, From the moment that's suspended deep inside   When you were mine, 

And now I need to feel it, One more time, Won't you try to feel it, Help me try to feel it, 

Feels so good when you lean into me..."