Piss Aaron

20" x 16"


Piss Aaron is a mixed media creation by Michael..  The original is SOLD.

You will see Aaron in the bottom right in this abstract.

Michael wanted to create a color presentation of a hallway which is on the left side and the bright colors pop!

The original is for sale and reproductions of this mixed media are also for sale.

CD: Something/Anything?

Some Lyrics...." If it's stupid enough, it's cool,  A1-a2-a3,

We figure, my daddy and me, Things are still the same, it seems
As when he lived it in his teens. As a kid in school, Aaron was a junior, the class of '32

His momma called him angel But everybody knew he was the
King king, the gross out king........"They called him Piss Aaron
They always caught him pissin' in the hall
Piss Aaron, he never would refuse, When nature called..."