Feel Too Good

18" x 24"


Feel Too Good.  Michael's creation of this Todd song reminds him of the beach.  The sounds of the waves,

the tide rollng in the waves, the birds, the sand between my toes....oh...  The original is acrylic

on canvas board and is for sale, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.  It will make you feel too good!

Album: Bootleg Series, Vol. 1

Lyrics..." Feel too good to go to work today, I need a little more time so i can stay this way

Let's go for a ride on the circle line, Couldn't you use a day in the sunshine

Mustn't let your bank payments get behind, The bills may pile up, i just brush them off my mind

I can't let debt collectors bother me, Because i feel too good, I feel so good that you

just can't bring me down, I can't remember when i felt so high

My mind is on vacation and i don't know why, Wouldn't you like to go for a country drive

Doesn't it make you feel good to be alive, Luncheon by the roadside will do just fine

I left the water running, It just must have slipped my mind, Can't let the little things bother me

Because I feel too good..."