Hurting For You

18' x 18"


Hurting for You.   This acrylic on canvas creation from Michael is one that you have to look at a while to understand

You will have to look for the eye...  the blue symbolizes sadness, and pondering of being hurt.

CD:  Hermit of Mink Hollow

Some lyrics..." Yesterday...I just saw the one you left behind, yesterday I could tell that he was hurting for you

Sad, but he can't deny it, There was nothing else he could do,He was one of the many struck by it

Hurting for you, Finish before it started,It's the only thing left to do, 'cause the last of the broken-hearted

Is hurting for you...Day to day, That's how you should learn, To live your life, day to day

Put aside those dreams that keep hurting for you, Don't let the pain remind you, There is nothing else you can do

Better not ever let the day find you, Sympathy...I don't want to sound like what I feel, Seems like pity at all

Destiny, But in the great design of life, We are all so pitifully small.."