You Need Your Head

24" x 18"


You Need Your Head.

This acrylic on canvas creation from Michael is simple, yet complex. You will have to study it a while to see the head and face.

a portion of proceeds goes towards the Spirit of Harmony Foundation.  Remember, you need your head!

CD: A Wizard, A True Star

Lyrics..." You don't need your feet, 'cause you know you got wheels, You don't need your hands

'cause you know how it feels, You don't need your eyes, 'cause you know how she looks

You don't need your tongue, 'cause you know how she cooks, But you need your head, You don't need your belly

'cause there's nothing to eat, You don't need your heart, 'cause it just can't be beat, You don't need your mouth

'cause you talk too much, You don't need your crotch, Ah you know it's only a crutch,But you need your head."