Time Stood Still

18" x 24"


Time Stood Still.   Photograph taken in California while on vacation.  You know the feeling

when you sit on the beach and take it all in...kinda feels like Time Stood Still.

You are at peace, you are relaxed, and you are taking all the sounds of the ocean, the waves, the sky

and the sand all in at once.....  reproductions are available.

Album: No World Order

Some Lyrics ..."Walkin' along the sea and thinkin', Deep in a reverie I'm sinkin'
Blind to the world, to myself I'm talkin',Schemin' and dreamin' and sleepwalkin'

Dreamin' of colors, dreamin' of sounds, Dreamin' of things that can't be wrote down
Slippin' away so no one will miss me...Waitin' for angels to kiss me and bliss me

Time stood still,,,......And nobody knew but me and you
What's the meaning of all that I've seen, All those images up on the screen

Which is the channel that's goin' to show me, Answers to questions I don't even know
This is the light I stand in the glare of I'm here and I'm there, but I'm always aware of
Singin' a song in the back of my mind Something mysterious, something divine..."