24" x 36"


Afraid is an acrylic on canvas creation from Michael.  

I wanted to create a abstract scene, and all these people are afraid to go into the red and yellow portion of the painting.

CD: Arena

Full Lyrics..."It must feel pure to be so sure, About every little thing
But there's no cure for that angst of yours, That tugs at you like a string
Because you're afraid, afraid to know, To know the answer
'Cause you're afraid that it will burn,You're afraid to learn
A nervous tic, you're being tricked, By somebody else's god
A little bit sick and a whole lot addicted, There's another crack in the facade
Because you're afraid, afraid to see, To see the reason
'Cause you're afraid the tide has turned, And you're afraid to learn
Because you're afraid, afraid to hear, To hear the accusations
'Cause you're afraid of what you've earned, You're afraid to learn
Why suffer for nothing?  Suffer for something."